Welcome to the steadily growing group of satisfied owners and operators of our aircraft. Safety is the crucial point in our company. We put the strongest stress on safety. It starts from design, goes through purchases, manufacturing and assembly, finally followed by aircraft operational life. The aircraft operating life is a big part of this task where we need your permanent cooperation to discover flight issues in order to evaluate and correct them to maintain operational safety of your aircraft. The following points indicate the most important matters where your cooperation can improve the safe operation of your aircraft. They are imposed on all US registered aircraft owners/operators by Standard F2295. If you operate your aircraft in other country than USA please check your local regulations. But even if your local regulations are less demanding, we strongly recommend to follow the below points for the sake of our common safety.

  1. Each owner/operator of an aircraft shall read and comply with the maintenance and continued airworthiness information and instructions provided by Aeroprakt Manufacturing Sp. z o.o.
  2. (odnośnik do strony z pobieraniem)
  3. Each owner/operator of a an aircraft shall be responsible for providing the manufacturer with current contact information where the manufacturer may send the owner/operator supplemental notification bulletins. (odnośnik do formularza)
    Why do we need it? having the current contact information and current data of your aircraft we shall be able to inform you on any safety notice that can apply to your aircraft. Please use the form Change Notice to keep us updated on your contact information as well as change in aircraft specification.
  4. The owner/operator of an aircraft shall be responsible for notifying the manufacturer of any safety of flight issue or significant service difficulty upon discovery.
    Why do we need it? any information related to safety must be evaluated by us. If our engineering department find necessity for correction action they will issue safety notice that will be circulated to all aircraft owners. So you personally have influence on increase of the safety level of all operating aircraft. Please use Aeroprakt Feedback Form for it
  5. The owner/operator of an aircraft shall be responsible for complying with all manufacturer issued notices of corrective action and for complying with all applicable aviation authority regulations in regard to maintaining the airworthiness of the aircraft.
  6. An owner of an aircraft shall ensure that any needed corrective action be completed as specified in a notice, or by the next scheduled annual inspection.
  7. Should an owner/operator not comply with any mandatory service requirement, the aircraft shall be considered not in compliance with applicable ASTM standards and may be subject to regulatory action by the presiding aviation authority.